AT&T responds to BBB complaint about Lumia 830 [telecom]

AT&T responds to BBB complaint, Lumia 830 likely to never get Lumia Denim update


The Lumia Denim update has come and gone for many Windows Phone owners. Announced back at IFA in September 2014, the update continued to roll out to devices through early spring. One phone, however, missed the update, and it was the Lumia 830 for AT&T. It is ironic, if only because Denim was co-announced with the Lumia 830 at IFA yet it was the AT&T Lumia 1520 that managed to snag the update instead.

Fast forward to July 2015 and at this point it is a safe bet that the AT&T Lumia 830 will not see Lumia Denim. A reader of the site, Noah M., filed a complaint against AT&T with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to express his frustration.

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And this is why I will never buy a phone from a carrier. Ever. I will buy an unlocked phone only, direct from the manufacturer with manufacturer OS support that's not tied to or dependent upon the carrier. That means Apple, Google Nexus, or Moto. And if Microsoft is to be believed, [not from] Microsoft, from this Fall forward.

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