As Net Neutrality nears its end, Verizon shows some customers data caps [telecom]

BY C. Scott Brown

  • With Net Neutrality about to end, some customers found Verizon data caps on their internet bills this week.

  • Verizon claims that the data usage limits are not caps, and will not be enforced.

  • Verizon credits the confusion to a "system error" and says it has no plans to cap internet data.

A small collection of Verizon DSL subscribers in New York and New Jersey were surprised to find data caps on their Verizon dashboards yesterday. According to Verizon, it is "conducting a usage billing trial" and the listed limits are not caps.

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Bill Horne
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Historical Note:

In the early 1980s, the Bell operating companies handled over 500 million calls a day. Under tariffs, billing data was not required for every call placed since approximately 70 percent were covered under the provision of a monthly flat-rate charge.

Trends in the early 1980s indicated that the percentage of calls requiring some form of per-call measurement will continue to increase, reaching close to 90 percent by 1990.

The Bell System was planning advanced AMA systems, including those that would work with step-by-step exchanges. PDP mini computers, such as the PDP 11/40 and 11/70 were to be used to capture information.

source: Page 445, Section 10.5 below.

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