Apple removes some ad blockers from its app store [telecom]

Apple has dumped the ad blocker that blocked in-app ads from the App Store

Apple has removed an ad blocking app from its App Store that block ads in other apps, as well as a number of other non-ad blocking apps that employ similar "deep packet inspection" techniques, citing privacy concerns.

Apple's iOS 9 operating system saw the company approve ad blocking apps for the first time. Most just block ads on the Safari web browser, but some developers took the idea further by creating apps that installed root certificates in order to block app-based ads. Apple's problem is that by doing so, these kinds of apps (ad blockers, and some others) had sight of everything a user was doing online, from browsing to making purchases.

The Safari team, however, had created a secure way to block content, which doesn't allow for the ad blockers to track user behavior. Popular ad blocking apps that block ads on Safari, including Crystal and Purify, are not affected by Apple's latest move. It only affects apps that installed root certificates on user's phones, which included some ad blockers and other apps.

On the face of it, it had seemed bizarre that Apple had approved such ad blockers in the first place, even aside from the clear privacy concerns.

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IBM's Mainfram operating systems used to generate so many "info" and "caution" messages that the operators couldn't keep up and do their jobs. The solution? IBM sold software which suppressed the messages.

Some websites have installed back-channel verification software which prevents their content from being displayed if ads are not.

This is another phase of the arms race.

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Yep, the next "Smart" blockers will still download the content to fool the servers but simply not display it.

That will last until the ads have code in them to let the servers know they have actually been displayed and then someone will write something to simulate that and then...... and then...... and then.....

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