Any way around Verizon blocking Page Plus on Verizon prepaid phones? [telecom]

A few years ago when I first started using a prepay cel phone you could use Page Plus on any Verizon phone.

Apparently things have changed which I discovered when I went to get a newer phone. Now you can't use a Verizon prepay phone with any plan other than a Verizon plan.

Or can you? Is there any hack or workaround? It seems the only alternatives are to pay the insane price for a contract phone without getting a contract or finding an older used Verizon phone.

Thanks for all input.

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Unfortunately CDMA operators (such as Verizon and Sprint) have ultimate say on which devices can be attached to their networks. Since CDMA handsets are activated by the MEID (formerly by ESN or electronic serial number) they can block any range of numbers on devices that they like. I'm guessing that the more recent devices' MEID's are somehow flagged so Verizon will not activate these devices even if the device was used previously on Verizon.

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