Anatomy of a typical telephone conversation [telecom]

AbstruseGoose and XKCD are weekly technical and often humorous websites. Today's AbstruseGoose entry is a fascinating diagram of the mechanics and physics of a telephone conversation.

The following PNG is l-o-n-g at 558x5101=719kB and it displays fine with every browser on every system I have which includes

*BSD, Linux, Solaris, and Windows (WinXP, Vista, Win7):

Note the length of the PNG file: 5101 pixels vertically. Most good browsers will display a miniature version of that PNG to fit a browser's screen as if it were a thumbnail. You'll need to hover the mouse cursor over that "thumbnail" and the cursor should change to a magnifying glass with this (+) symbol which means simply to click the "thumbnail" and you'll then see the full-size PNG image -- works fine with Firefox, IE and Safari.

If your browser doesn't permit magnifying the "thumbnail" then uninstall that browser and install and use Firefox, IE or Safari.

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Thad Floryan
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