$15 phone, 3 minutes all that's needed to eavesdrop on GSM call [telecom]

$15 phone, 3 minutes all that's needed to eavesdrop on GSM call By Jon Borland, wired.com | Last updated about 7 hours ago

Speaking at the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) Congress in Berlin on Tuesday, a pair of researchers demonstrated a start-to-finish means of eavesdropping on encrypted GSM cellphone calls and text messages, using only four sub-$15 telephones as network "sniffers," a laptop computer, and a variety of open source software.

While such capabilities have long been available to law enforcement with the resources to buy a powerful network-sniffing device for more than $50,000 (remember The Wire?), the pieced-together hack takes advantage of security flaws and shortcuts in the GSM network operators' technology and operations to put the power within the reach of almost any motivated tech-savvy programmer.


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Monty Solomon
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....... Maybe this will prompt these lazy network operators to enable the far better encryption practices that seem to be available and just not implemented (as indicated in this article and others previously)?

It may be a good time to buy some shares in GSM network equipment providers as the orders for upgrades start to come in.

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