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I am trying to configure a loop start trunk on 81C for new paging system. The new paging system uses a Mackenzie Page stacker/Feedback eliminator OPM-1S. The OPM-1S sets between Paging equipment (Bogen PCM2000) and 81C. The PCM2000 requires a simple loop start trunk. I can page from imput jack on Mackenzie using a Butt set fine but can not using loop start trunk. I have configured a new route in LD 16 using a WAT as trunk type, new ACOD, proper Targ's with defaults on rest. Built new trunk in LD 14 as WAT type SIGL as LOP. I am not sure I am delivering loop trunk to paging equipment. How can I tell if the trunk is even at the TN when I dial the ACOD. Any help?

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put your butt set on trunk tn and page, you should hear yourself coming out of butt set.

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John Smith

If you place a butt set on the input to the Mackenzie and get results, but the trunks wont, I'll bet chaging the MANO entry in the LD16 route will fix you up

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