Loading 'Call for Help' modems (SEB, ASAP, ENS, etc)

I am trying to compile a list of system messages that will set off "Call for Help" modems (SEB, ASAP, ENS, etc) , commonly installed on Nortel system TTY ports.

For example, if the TTY outputs: SYS0000 or INI000, you would want the modem to "call for help" and alert support staff. However, if the system outputs ERR080, that is not significant enough to warrant notifying an on-call tech.

What I am asking for is the complete list of codes your company or support staff have deemed critical enough to set off a call for help. The list should be in plain text, such as a running list of codes (include wildcards if that is how you have your system loaded)

If I get enough responses, I will compile a duplicate-free database of codes and share it on my site.

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