TV or Satellite problem?

The setup is a Samsung plasma & Hughes Directv receiver (not HD).

When I use the component connection, the program blacks out every few minutes and remains blacked out for 5 - 20 seconds.

I tried a different satellite box (same brand & model from upstairs) with the same result, so I figured it was a tv problem.

So I had the tv replaced and the problem still exists.

Everything works fine if I use the S connection; it's just the component. And yes, I've tried different cables from cheap to $$$.

Any guesses?????

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First: No matter what any salesman may say: It absolutely should not do

this. (You'll see why this is important later in this post.)

Let's play a little game called Mastermind. Remember that game where

your mission is to find out what is the right color peg by eliminating

all of the others.

There are only four things in the signal path (Sat Dish, Box, cables

from box to TV, TV) . You've eliminated one for sure - the cables. And

if you've tried the component connections on another TV and found that

they work - that takes care of the box. (If you haven't tired this do


So we're left with the dish or the TV. But, since the dish had to be OK

for the box to be eliminated in the previous step - all that's left is

the TV. Have you tried the component inputs fed from a DVD? If not, try


Go back to the store and have them try to duplicate it on one of their

sets. If they can't, write down the setting information and try to

duplicate those on your set. Or, restore the thing to the factory

defaults (my Samsung DLP can do this with in one step). .

Try googling it and see if others have experienced similar issues.

Otherwise (here's where my first sentence comes in) you may have to

pick a different set

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Not an expert here but I thought the component cables where exclusive for HD. If you don't have a HD converter box use the next best quality input, S-Video.

With normal telecast using an HD converter box, the component output doesn't fill the screen. The left and right side of the display are blank from about 6 inches from the edge of the TV with the component output.

I've a Hitachi with Time Warner HD cable box.

For what it's worth,


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Rolling Thunder

I forgot to mention that... I did run a DVD box to the tv with the component cable and it worked fine through several discs. So that seems to point back to the satellite boxes. Unofrtunately, I don't have another tv with component input to test. Also after the problem continued with the replacement, the tech reset everything - it didn't fix it. I must give the tech credit for trying - he could have easily blamed Directv and not done anything.

It's just very strange that two different satellite boxes present the identical problem. Hughes, maker of the satellite boxes, is no longer associated with this product and no longer supports it. Could that be because it doesn't work????

It seems that no one is making these Directv boxes anymore - the only source I see is Directv itself and their choice is between the $49 box with nothing or the $$$$ boxes with everything I don't need. If I could find a satellite box with the features I want (component, 5.1, optical out), I'd just buy it and forget about the Hughes.

Would I have better luck with Dish TV or cable? I have the high-speed cable internet and have had excellent service with it, but that might not be an indication of how well their tv division does.

Must not be true because neither my tv nor the satellite box are HD. They both have the component jacks though.

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In my case, with a non-HD program using the component input, the screen display edges are blank. With extended use, this could case screen burn; therefore, I use the S-Video with non-HD programs. The cable converter box has component, S-Video, and composite outputs with, of course, audio and digital jacks.


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Rolling Thunder


Ah, I suspect your cable box system is loosing sync with the HD programs. It is likely taking the 5 to 20 secs to re sync that then allows the screen display. Sounds like a class problem with the converter box to me.

For what it is worth,


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Rolling Thunder

That sounds like a excellent diagnosis. This weekend it would black out and totally lose the satellite signal. Then we wait another minute or two to find the satellite and reload the menu.

Now to find a decent replacement.

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