Wanted: Source for tiny audio amps that use DC power

Hello gang!

I received advice from an engineer today.

He suggested I use a bunch of separate amplifiers instead of one larger one.

This way I can set the level in each room.

I want to run them off of 12 volts DC.

"No problem", he said... "Use car amps!"

I want small size. Pack of cigarettes?

They can be stereo, or mono at this point.

I want to put them into a structured wiring box, or hang 'em on the wall.

Low wattage. (Real watts RMS) I could probably make due with 10-watts per channel.

Elk Products makes their Elk-800 10-watt Audio Amplifier. This is almost ideal...

Anybody know where I can get a bargain, as I'm gonna buy a few of these...?

And I prefer the car amp idea as they are often all metal chassis that I can possible blow across with a fan for cooling.

Anybody seen any surplus audio amps?


Jack :)

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Jack Edin
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Cannibalize cheap PC speakers? Or use them directly, I've found some that are not half bad for

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John Hines

Are you up to making them? Easy with National's IC amplifier chips. Any wattage you want up to about a hundred, depending on which device you choose.

Everything you need to know is in their excellent application notes, and you can get those online.

Not an employee, just a very satisfied user.


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