RG6 next to power?

My builder's structured wiring company ran prewire for front and rear video cameras. They run the RG6 right along multiple power cables heading toward the breaker box (the structured wiring panel is beneath the breaker box). The cables are running together for at least 30 feet.

Is this likely to affect the picture?

- Mark.

P.S. The entire set of cables for the entire house runs down the opposite side of the stud the breaker box is on. Should I be nervous about that?

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Mark Thomas
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Doesn't sound like "code" to me. I think there's a rule requiring separation of power cables and signaling/low-voltage wiring.

...Jim Thompson

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Jim Thompson

I don't think it violates code but good wiring pactices would keep the low voltage cable at least 12" from the power cables and cross at 90 degrees when needed. That said, if these are high quality RG6 cables you probably won't see a difference with the cameras. If it's not too late, ask him to observe the 12" rule.

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A good rule of thumb is to stay one foot from parallel cables running

110VAC and two feet from 220VAC. Electrical code allows much closer spacing but the code is primarily concerned with avoiding fire and electrocution.

Regards, Robert L Bass

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