LM14A keeps model trains from derailing:

I saw this note from Gene Charney on the X-10 forums while researching something else and thought it was interesting enough to repost here:

I recently had a total failure of my model train power pack which I used to control 3 HO trains. Ignoring the red label on the LM14A 2-Way Lamp Module, I set up one of these units with a 16 volt 20va transformer plugged into it, whose screw terminals were wired to a bridge rectifier and used it to power the (3) Bachmann HO trains. It worked so well I now have an LM14A assembly for each train, with switches that enable me to REMOTELY control any train from any LM14A. I obtained the plug-in transformers with screw terminals from a local suplus store for $2.25, and the bridge rectifier from the same store for $.95. The "soft-start" and "soft-stop" (no derailing) features of the LM14A and its fine control are great! An LM465 Lamp Module also works, but the loss of the "soft" features mentioned make it much less desirable. Note to X10---Please forgive my unauthorized use of the LM14A! Yes, I know about the warranty.

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