How did they do it? (No neutral needed dimmer)

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2384W2 SWITCHLINC RX PLC 2 Wire Dimmer (White)

which they claim:

  • Installs just like a regular light switch ? no neutral wires are needed! * Ideal for older homes that don't have a neutral wire in the electrical box * Totally adjustable dim level and fade on/off speed * Responds to preset dim X10 commands * Use with 3-way or greater circuits with the addition of multi-way companion switches

I thought for an X-10 receiving device to be "listening" it had to have current trickled through it and that required a neutral connection. They say the status LED will not light if there is no neutral connection. If I read the diagrams correctly they don't need a neutral, but they do need a ground. How likely is it if electricians didn't run neutral to the box that they DID run a ground wire?

-- Bobby G.

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Robert Green
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Like the original X10 wall switches, the circuit is completed through the load. With those switches there is always a trickle current running through the filament, hence the disconnect slider for UL approval. That's why they specify a bulb with a minimum of 40 watts.

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