Domestic BMS ? Automation.

First post on this group by me. I have had much experience of commercial BMS (Trend) and have used salvaged redundant BMS controllers in my house, mainly to control my heating (and it was eventually damned good, though I say so myself, far better than the Vaillant stuff I seem to have lumbered myself with).

The question is, are there any comparable devices sold for domestic use? By comparable, I mean; wired sensors, user programmable, LAN communication between controllers, sensor logs, PID control, Analogue & digital input/ outputs, sensor logs, programmable alarms, etc..

Anyone that has used BMS will know what I'm after; X10 doesn't impress (though feel free to convince me otherwise). All the usual BMS manufacturers are tied into networks of 'partners' and system houses, making the purchase of individual controllers impractical. It would, I suspect, be easier to amend a PC to achieve the above rather than try to use the products made for this purpose.

If I was a cynical sort, I'd suspect there was a cartel in operation. It drives me spare that although I can buy any number of pointless programmes for a mobile phone, but I cannot buy an electronic device that enables me to monitor, control and reduce my domestic energy consumption.

I hope there are such products on the market (at a sensible cost), my problem is that I don't know what they're called.

Any ideas?

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