Cell Phone for your dog!

The local Fox station ran a story tonight about a collar mounted cell phone you could get for your dog.

It's got a built in GPS, so you can call your dog, instruct him/her to come home, and also determine the dogs location.

Cool Idea, but quite expensive, especially if the pooch starts text messaging his buddies!

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AZ Woody
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I'd need a macro key that played the sounds of a can opener opening a can and kibble hitting a metal dish. IIRC, the GPS part has been around for a while. I recall reading a story where they tracked what they thought was a lost dog to a very full alligator instead.

-- Bobby G.

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Robert Green




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Stanley Barthfarkle

If your dog doesn't answer, do you leave it a voice mail ?

-- Hershel

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Hershel Roberson

good idea until the dog jumps into the pool! hehehe!

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