SonicWall PRO240 bug ?

Hi All,

I have a SonicWall Pro240 with SonicOS standard. WAN interface connected to a /26 network including default gw and some other servers. I have a LAN and DMZ network too. NAT is enabled on WAN interface.

Traffic from LAN to WAN works fine (NATed) when destination IP can reach via default gw. But, I cannot reach server on the WAN side's /26 network (destination IP directly connected to the WAN port and can reach without using default gw.

I made some packet trace and realized, that otgoing packet at the WAN side use internal (LAN) IP address as source, NAT do nothing.

Other interesting point using firewalls built in ping diagnostic tool. I can ping anything at WAN side if destination can reach via default gw. If target IP in the WAN side /26 network, ping doesn't work.

A tried any configuration settings which I can, without success.

Is anybody experienced same effect ? What is the solution ? Is it a bug or configuration problem ?

Thans in advance, imedve

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