Sonicwall cache overflow, dropping connections

I have a Sonicwall Pro 200 firewall that I have been getting the following alerts via email from:

The cache is full; 20460 open connections; some will be dropped - Source:, 11279, LAN - Destination:xx.yyy.64.222, 691, DMZ

I have verified that some new inbound connections are being denied. I assume that this may be some variety of DOS attack, buy I have other questions.

Is there any way in Sonicwall to see the current open connections? Are there any known bugs that don't allow Sonicall to cull dead connections?

Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.

Molto obbrigado, John

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I'd bet anything you have a virus/work/trojan on your lan and one or more PC's is spewing out to port 25. It is almost definitely not the sonic having a problem culling dead connections. You likely really DO have 20460 open connections.

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