Solaris 8 <-> Checkpoint R55 VPN?

I have several Solaris 8 workstations running site-to-site IPSEC tunnels to a Symantec Raptor 6.5 firewall using native Solaris IPSEC support and preshared keys.

I need to migrate the Raptor end to Checkpoint R55 - shouldn't be overly difficult, however a tested recipe would be a real time saver but Google came up short.

Anyone done this?



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I guess not - no IKE for Solaris 8, and hacking Checkpoint to use preshared keys instead is possible but unsupportable.

So I tried Solaris 10 - but IKE is borked, can't use anything but as phase 2 id.

Looks like OpenSolaris might have an interoperable IKE soon:

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Not holding my breath for interoperable IKE on Sun Solaris :-(


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