Remote Log from WinXP to Win2000 + newbie + Tutorial Guide?


I am trying to Log in to my Win 2000 from WinXP at work;

I installed that s/w (there was a sw called MSRDPCLI.EXE to enable Windows2000 to act as a client) on my Win2000 - is there anything I need to do on the Win2000?

Are there any Tutorial step by step guide?

I also have Cable/DSL router - I have set it up to port forward - is there any setting on the Host & client?

I use Fixed IP.

When I try to setup IIS on WInXP, its asking for the XP CD - its a work pc & I don't have it.

Pls advice, Thanks

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You need to install the RDP client on the W2K Pro box (as you've done). Then you need to go the the "remote" tab on the XP Pro box and check the box that allows remote connections. If the XP box is behind a firewall or NAT router you'll need to open/forward port 3389 to the IP address of the XP machine.

If you're asked for the XP CD, you'll need to supply it.

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