Qos with IPSO 4.2 on Nokia

Hi, I read in Nokia documentation (Voyager Reference Guide) that IPSO is able to do Qos. For this purpose it use ACL. When I look for the configuration of an ACL I see that there is an option named Bypass. The comment in the documentation about this one is :

"The Bypass option denotes that the entire packet stream flowing in or out of the selected interfaces should not be classified, policed, or marked. Instead, the output queue scheduler should use the supplied IP TOS as an output queue lookup. Use the Bypass option to circumvent the classifier and policer for selected interfaces."

The Help in the GUI add the comment:

" By Pass: Setting this switch allows you to bypass all traffic control blocks (TCB), for example, the classifier, meter, and policer. Traffic with extant type of service (TOS) settings will be prioritized according to the following three QueueSpecs: Internetwork Control, Expedited Forwarding, or Best Effort."

With all this stuff I understand that if I select the Bypass option IPSO will prioritize the traffic according to the TOS setting in ip header of packets. What I want to do is to prioritize the packets tagged with Expedited Forwarding so they should be applied a more favorable treatment that packets withot TOS setting.

But what about binding the ACL to an interface in this case ? Do I need to configure an ACL with only one rule inside (the "permit any any" rule) for this feature work ? And what about binding a Queue Class to my interface so that I can choose the queue management method (Weighted Round robin in) ?

Does anyone worked with thes features and be able to give me some piece of advice ?



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