Port 25 attacks

Beware that there is someone out there mounting attacks on port 25. I had to turn my Tor entry proxy off, becuase someone was using it to attack machines all over the world on port 25.

What kind of attack is being mounted on port 25? The real time monitoring in Tor showed hundreds of outgoing calls to port 25 all over the world. I turned the proxy off, becuase the load was causing Windows to slow down and crash.

Given what I was seeing, all admins reading this should watch for attacks coming on port 25.

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Nomen Nescio
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Having a dumber-then-usual day today?

Free clue, what you were seeing wasn't an attack.

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Well, that is only fair since the majority are window machines causing the problem. See

formatting link

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Bit Twister

Well I suppose I should be grateful there's now one less machine spewing spam.


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Chris Davies

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