netstat return huge list :(

I think I seem to have a virus and have no idea how to remove it. On my computer it can connect to the internet and msn messenger works, however if i try to open ie or mozilla it just hangs and i cannot view any pages, although i can ping etc and get a return. Also in cmd i typed netstat and a massive list is produced to the point where i cant even scroll to the top. It returns this.....

TCP thedealer:8085 localhost:1463 ESTABLISHED TCP thedealer:8085 localhost:1465 ESTABLISHED TCP thedealer:8085 localhost:1467 ESTABLISHED TCP thedealer:8085 localhost:1469 ESTABLISHED TCP thedealer:8085 localhost:1471 ESTABLISHED


Any help at this stage would be greatly appreciated. I have run a system scan with kaspersky and it found a few trojans that I then deleted however I still have the problem :( on was santa.exe, another connector.exe i think.... if that is relevant anyway.

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TCPview from SysInternals (now owned by Microsoft) will give you better information, like the local process that owns the socket.

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Run "netstat -an", not just plain netstat. If you see your computer's IP address in the second column and instead of localhost in the third, then you probably don't need to worry about those connections. It's most likely a program doing IPC over TCP sockets on your local host.

Use TCPView [1] (run as administrator) to find out what processes are associated with each connection or open port.

If you already found that your system was infected with trojan horses, then [2] is your best option. The only reliable one to get a clean system, that is.

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Ansgar -59cobalt- Wiechers

i guess the easiest thing to do is just wipe it clean and start again, thanks for the help. Appreciated.

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