Netscreen 5GT - use Dual untrust or "Shortest path" to utilize backup link!!

Is it possible to run a 5GT so that it uses two DSL lines at the same time?

I'm considering a second adsl backup to our SDSL line, and from what I see of 'dual untrust' modes, it uses the primary interface only until a failure occurs, then uses the backup.

Is there another way of doing this where both interface are used most of the time, but unpluggin either will still leave the other one taking all the traffic?

Someone mentioned "Shortest path" configurations where you can weight routes - will this work the way I want? They also mentioned using a switch between the 5gt and the two dsl routers. Does it require L2 transparnet mode to work?

Anyone been there and done it???

Basically I just wanted a backup, but it would be nice to USE the backup most of the time too, just to speed things up etc....

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No, 5GTs only support a "failover" scenario, at the low end I think the next choice would be a Sonicwall appliance, they do load balanced WAN ports, but do require their enhanced OS to be loaded (few more $$$).

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Do you know if the failover is as brutal as a "switch over" effect? I.e. if untrust1 goes down, untrust2 is used and nothing goes in or out on untrust1 ?

Try this scenario -

Working in dual untrust mode, two routers setup, both are up (online). If I try to connect to an internally hosted web server via untrust2 ip address what happens? Does it not connect because untrust1 is up ?

I've heard of another setup using shortest path first to set two gateways, one for each router and connect a switch between the two routers and the firewall i.e. so not strictly 'dual untrusted' but using two routers none the less.... Does this need trasparent mode to work like this?!!


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I think you can do an active/active with dual untrusts. No L2 stuff, this is pure routing.

See this below & follow the links for a step-by-step.

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