hi, iam implementing ikev2, now ii have completed the phase 1 of the ikev2 , and now iam about to startthe authentication phase, in authintication phase ,iam having one doubt . section 2.15 (rfc 4306) authenticatin of IKE_SA , here he has mentioned that AUTH = prf(prf(shared secret ,"KEY pad for IKEV2"),) here what is that shared secret ,whether the shared secret generated from phase 1 or any other

2: and whether the text pad is fixed or any thing we have to take. if we take shared secret of phase 1 , i am having one doubt i.e how to identify other user is valid means any intruder who can actively paricipate in pahse 1 and get authenticated , because we are not communicated with ip number (and when NAT is there all will communiate with same ip). so please some body clarify my doubt. is there any other shared secret key is there, and here he mentioned about digital signature , what are the rules to do that

Thanks & regards RAMASWAMY BM GlobalEdgesoftware Ltd BANGALORE

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