How to remove Trojan Brisv.A !inf - Trojan Brisv.a inf removal tool

Trojan Brisv.A !inf is a new trojan that is infected thousends of computers very fast. here are steps to get ride of this trojan

- Download the FixBrisvA.exe file

- Save the file to a convenient location, such as your Windows desktop.

- Close all the running programs. If you are on a network or if you have a full-time connection to the Internet, disconnect the computer from the network and the Internet. If you are running Windows Me or XP, turn off System Restore.

- Locate the file that you just downloaded.

- Double-click the FixBrisvA.exe file to start the removal tool.

- Click Start to begin the process, and then allow the tool to run. NOTE: If you have any problems when you run the tool, or it does nor appear to remove the threat, restart the computer in Safe mode and run the tool again.

- Restart the computer.

- Run the removal tool again to ensure that the system is clean. If you are running Windows Me/XP, then reenable System Restore. If you are on a network or if you have a full-time connection to the Internet, reconnect the computer to the network or to the Internet connection. Now Download the FixBrisvA.exe file

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Removal tools are no solution to an infection, particularly not with malware that may download more malware or may give an attacker remote access. One can never be sure what else was modified on the system and thus can nver be certain that the malware was removed entirely.

@dfinc: Look, dimwit, would you kindly stop spreading this nonsense? Even more as it's not even firewall-related.


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Ansgar -59cobalt- Wiechers

How to remove this Trojan ?

  1. Perform Standard procedure for Virus removal.

  1. Edit Windows registry and remove these registry subkey:


** If the trojan disabled your "Registry Editor", run this Symantec tool to enable it .

  1. Restore these registry entries to default value.(If required)

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Microsoft\\MediaPlayer\\Preferences \\"URLAndExitCommandsEnabled" =3D "0" HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Microsoft\\MediaPlayer\\Player\\Extensions \\.mp3\\"Permissions" =3D "21"

But you are not able to get resolve it there is very good online technical help from here

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