hardware(router) dyndns clients w/no LAN activity

I'm using a Netgear RP614v3 router with it's built-in dyndns client. Everything works fine when any of my machines on the LAN side are up and running. However as soon as all the LAN side machines go offline (either from shutting down, or hibernation etc.), the router seems to loose it's ip connectivity from the WAN side. At this point a ping of my dyndns domain name times out and keeps resolving to the last reported ip by the router when any of my LAN machines were running...

This is a problem because I'd like to use dyndns specifically to WOL machines inside my LAN from outside. Is it possible that my service provider (ATT previously SBC) is logging me off PPPoE as soon as all the machines on my LAN side go offline? Isn't the router alone enough to keep the PPPoE link established between me and my service provider?

Thanks for any ideas, max

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