Can Sonicwall NAT ports to hosts (rather than 1-2-1)

Following on from previous questions!

We have a set number of external IP addresses - and we need to have certain applications available from internal sources.

Our (old & current) sonicwall can only perform 1-2-1 nat which means we cannot point different services (ports) to different hosts. I've downloaded the SonicOS v3 manual and can't find reference. I know Watchguard can....

We want (for example) port 25 NAT'd to port 25 port 80 NAT'd to port 80 port 81 NAT'd to port 80

whereas now we have NAT'd to NAT'd to NAT'd to

(and therefore have run out of adresses)

So - do new sonicwalls do this? If so - where does it say in the manual!


(PS - emailed SonicWall direct - no response in 2 days....)

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I'm guessing you're using the SonicWALL Standard OS whereas I believe you'll need to use the Enhanced OS to accomplish this.

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