Avaya / Lucent firewalls : parsing of multiple ruleset zones


I am configuring a Lucent 350 brick in routing mode. The brick is connected to the LSMS via the eth0 interface.

I thus have two rulesets zones applied to eth0:

  1. The "admin" ruleset which is the system default ruleset that opens administration flows between the firewall and the LSMS.
  2. I have added a second ruleset on eth0 on top of the 1st one.

The problem is that it seems that the firewall does not look at ruleset #2 : all packets are dropped by the last rule of the "admin" ruleset, which is "any any drop".

I have tried to exchange the ruleset order whithout any success without any success.

The only workaround I found is to add my rules directly in the admin zone ruleset, which is not satisfactory.

Thanks in advance for any useful comment.


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