Off-the-shelf tactical fiber cable?

Every time I think about an alternative for that big, fat, heavy composite (or even triaxial) TV camera cable, I am intrigued with the option of doing it via fiber. But I have not found any ready source of the components it would take...

  • 200-500 ft rolls of *tactical grade* fibre that would take suitable connectors.
  • The emitter/receiver transducers required at each end.

By *tactical grade" I am looking for something that can be deployed in a temporary application, probably in places where it will be stepped on by the public (although likely under a throw-rug, etc to prevent tripping). And something that is strong enought not to break if manhandled by willing but clueless volunteers. I need full-duplex operation and bandwidth on the order of 50-100 MHz (total for all the video, audio, control, etc. signals in each direction).

I keep coming back to using just ordinary RG-59 coax and BNC connectors as that appears to meet all the requirements. Are we not yet at a point where fiber is a viable option for low-cost links like this?

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Richard Crowley
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This stuff has been around for years. What you mean by tactical is actually just ruggedized for indoor use. Regular jacketed cable survives begin walked over and run over by my chair (with me in it i.e. a few hundred extra pounds). I use it to go room to room and even short temporary outdoor runs. Armored cable that has a steel jacket is also available which would survive a Genie lift hit and run. Any of the big cable houses have this stuff. You just need the optical/electronic converters which aren't cheap.

P. Danek

Richard Crowley wrote:

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Hi Richard,

Socalled "field dployable" cable is available for military use. I have used quite a bit of it myself in the past and it is as tough as it looks.

There are fibre units available that will do you Video in one direction, Audio and PTZ control in both directions on one or two fibres.


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