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Our Focus:

Information sharing, collaboration, opinion, promotion and discussion of and about the fiber optic industry, from manufacturing to engineering, network design to development.


Registered members of our network may publish, comment on, debate, blog and disscuss every aspect of fiber optics with fellow professionals. Members may also share files, white papers, press releases and the latest product news and frontline developments. Other benefits of joining the network include a searchable job database, that allows hiring professionals and recruters to post job oppertunities. Job seekers can apply online sending their applications directly to employers. Our profile manager keeps track of your personal information, published content, personal contacts and files. You have full controll over the information you choose to be public domain and can set individual acess rights such as read/write/ change permissions.

Feature Summary:

Content Submit: Articles, forum topics, blogs, URLs. Content Manager: Keep track of and set access restrictions for published content and files. File Upload: Upload and download files to our file depository. (make public or private) Contact List: Save member profiles and contact information. Instant Message: Request a virtual one on one session with network members. (requires mutual consent) Blog: Create, edit, comment, and share blogs. (make public or private) JobLine: Post industry related jobs / Apply online from our website.

The Fiber Shark Community Network is a colaboration of like-minded peers and professionals who have joined together to create a rich resource on fiber optics open to the general public. We share the idea that billions of poorly organized, unpersonal, static webpages on the net is slowly putting us to sleep, only to be distracted long enough by online commercials and pop-up ads to forget what we were searching for. Together with community building software and your participation we can create the most comprehensive Fiber Optic Community on the net.

Open Source = Open Minds

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