Fiber bundle quality & imaging questions

What is the best fiber bundle for fiberscope, borescope and endoscope?
Is it
plastic or glass? What kind? For those cheap fiberscopes, what
material does it
usually use and how long does it usually last? I presume that every
movement can
cause microscopic strain like bending a metal that can cause it to
break eventually?
Does this happen to fiber cables generally? Or what class is
vulnerable to this
Also when I use a fiberscope, the images seen from afar is very small.
What size of objective lens must be used to make the image
the same size as viewed direct from the eyes? Normally fiberscope
lens is about 2mm in size, must I make it 7mm to make the object
seen thru the eyepiece as large as normal?? or can extra lens be used
to make
the 2mm size objective lens work at larger image scale?
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