Length field in 802.3 for tagged frames

Hi all,

For tagged ethernet packets, does the length field in 802.3 header include the length of VLAN tag(s) also ???

Thanks in advance Best Regards Binosh

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Binosh, what do you think the answer is ? What references have you consulted already ? Once we know that, then maybe folks here can help you better.

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Justa Lurker

Hi boss,

I guess the answer is the length field doesn't include the VLAN header length. But in some code, where they are adding a VLAN tag to an untagged packet I saw that after adding the VLAN tag they are incrementing the length field value also. Thats why i got confused.The IEEE 802.3 says only about untagged packets. And in 802.1Q I couldn't find anything answering my doubts.

Please help me yaar

Thanks > b> > Hi all,

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