elements of a networking appplication

what all can be the elements of a networking appplication

this is required for my proj and to understand its scope.

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Thank you for the opportunity to do your schoolwork for you.

However, please answer a few of our questions first:

(1) What do **you** think the answer is ?

(2) Where have you looked already for information related to this ?

(3) Have you asked your professor, TA, advisor, etc. for help ? What did they suggest ?

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Justa Lurker

i have taken this point to my guide but he said that he want me to search for socket programming that includes udp and tcp implementation of the subject .... actually i m a bit confused that what he wants i tell u my proj is to interface a pic microcontroller with ethernet this mc has a ethernet interface PIC18F97J60 is that mc he tells me to find what all applications r possible with it .. i m totally confused with it .. help me if u can

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