Disable stacking 3com 4250T

Hi all,

We've bought a whole bunch of 3com 4250T 50 port switches. These have 48

10/100 ports, and 2 10/100/1000 uplink ports. At least that's what we thought before we bought them.

If you connect one of the uplink port to another 4250, the two form a stack, presumably sharing a switch db, etc. It's possible to connect upto 4 switches in this way. Unfortunately, I need to connect 5.

The original plan was just to connect these switches together into a ring, and have STP cope with the redundant loop and block one of the ports. I need to put a Cisco 3550 into the ring too, and have bought the relevant GBICs to do this. We could then survive a loss of one of the interconnect cables.

What I'd like to do is disable stacking on these switches altogether - we're not going to be doing any fancy management of the stack, I just want five independent switches which form a resilient ring.

Anybody know if this can or can't be done?

Cheers, Andy.

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Andy Lawson
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Spoke to 3com today, who say it is impossible to disable stacking.

The engineer suggested buying 4400 range switches, which stack up to 8, or back-revving the firmware to

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Andy Lawson

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