VPN Client can't access Remote Intranet

Hi there,

I have Cisco PIX set up that connects us to the Internet. We want to use Cisco VPN client ver to access a Remote Intranet.

VPN client connects OK but we still cannot access this remote Intranet.

Any tips


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AFAIK you cannot do this with a PIX ( unless it is running 7.x software) if it means transmitting a packet received on the outside interface back thru the outside interface.

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In article , Merv wrote a reply but failed to quote any context. I have added the context back in. Perhaps Merv could read

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Clarification: the PIX restriction applies at the logical interface level, not at the physical interface level. With some PIX 500 series models running appropriate 6.3 versions, one can create multiple logical interfaces (each an 802.1Q VLAN) per physical interface. If one has the spare address space and appropriate WAN equipment, then in those circumstances a packet received on one VLAN on the outside physical interface could go back through a different VLAN on the outside physical interface.

PIX that are running 7.x can route back to the same interface, but only in the situation where at least one VPN is involved [which would be the case for the original poster.]

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Walter Roberson

Please detail how PIX is connected to Internet - is it directd connected to a cable modem for example or is there a siwtch / router between PIX and Internet connection.

Is the "Remote Intranet" behind the PIX (ie. on your internal network) or it it at another site and reachable only via Your Internet connection.

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