USB on 3825

Hi Guys,

Sorry i forgot to mention on my previous post that the 3825 does not recognise the USB slots at the back of the router.

Rack1R6#sh u? users

Any ideas?



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I think that the USB slots are not intended for the connection of general storage. Maybe for some purpose connected with crypto keys?

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I can do a boot system usbflash0:"image name" if the usb are recognised?



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Since you posted your version of IOS in the other thread, you aren't new enough.

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⢠For the Integrated Services Routers-Cisco 871, 1811/1812, 1841,2800, 3800: As of 12.3(14)T

You weren't running 12.3(14)T or up, so no USB flash for you. Note, you'll need a newer ROMMON also to USB flash boot

Cisco also says that only the sizes it offers will be the only ones supported.

Q. What sizes of USB Flash sticks are supported? A. USB Flash sticks are supported in 64, 128, and 256 MB sizes. No other sizes are supported. Q. Can I use any USB memory stick for this application? A. No. Only Cisco USB memory sticks are supported.

Note: Compact flash (ie. used on the inside) is cheap enough too without having to go jump through the hoops.

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