pop mail attacments not passing through

Hi guys,

I cannot get pop mail with attachment s through a pix, it will allow pop without atachment though.

Any ideas would be appreciated:

Problem- POP3 email with attachments.

Was getting the following when I was sending POP3 mail with attachments through the PIX:

Getting the following output with the 'sh conn detail' command when the client is trying the retrieve emails.

show conn

7 in use, 23 most used Flags: A - awaiting inside ACK to SYN, a - awaiting outside ACK to SYN, B - initial SYN from outside, C - CTIQBE media, D - DNS, d - dump, E - outside back connection, F - outside FIN, f - inside FIN, G - group, g - MGCP, H - H.323, h - H.225.0, I - inbound data, i - incomplete, J - GTP, j - GTP data, K - GTP t3-response k - Skinny media, M - SMTP data, m - SIP media, O - outbound data, P - inside back connection, q - SQL*Net data, R - outside acknowledged FIN, R - UDP SUNRPC, r - inside acknowledged FIN, S - awaiting inside SYN, s - awaiting outside SYN, T - SIP, t - SIP transient, U - up

TCP outside:( ip address removed )/135 inside: flags saA

Public interface- Zyxel Router

Private interface- HP Pro curve switch

Thanks for any guidance


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