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Hi, I am new to Cisco routers, in charge of an ASA 5510.

I'm charged to configure the hardware, and I have a simple question, that I have not found, even in book recently bought.

We have two web servers, I just want to know if its possible to use two different IP addresses on the same external interface.

I want to make static NAT, from two web servers to the two web servers :

Local IP - External IP

Sorry if the question is stupid, and I hope my English is not too bad.


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andre rodier
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see Cisto TAC note

How to configure static NAT / static PAT command in the PIX, ASA and FWSM

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also some Cisco URL's that you may want to take a peek at now or in the future:

How NAT Works

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Network Address Translation (NAT)

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Cisco Network Address Translation (NAT) Frequently Asked Questions

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Thanks Merv, I find what I searched in those links


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