Has anyone had experience using the storm-control features on 2950s or other Catalyst switches? I would like to implement protection of unicast, broadcast and multicast "floods" but am not sure what level would be recommened.

I am also confused as to what compromises a "flood". What is the difference between a large unicast file transfer and a flood? I'm worried about shutting a port down because of normal traffic.

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I'm still working on finding the appropriate levels, I did receive this from TAC:

"A unicast flood is performed when the packet is sent out and it does not have the destination mac address on the mac address list and since it does not know where it is it will flood it until it gets who has the destination Mac address.

The a unicast file transfer would be a file that will be sent out and knows where or who has the destination Mac address and will sent it directly to that device."

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