Set DNS suffix on PIX for VPN Client?

Hi all,

I'm needing a way to tell the Cisco VPN client to use a certain domain suffix when connecting to my PIX 506. Machines that are on the domain are no problem, but the VPN software on a home machine doesn't use the dns servers properly.

Is there a way to set this? I found some info about how to do it on a concentrator, but not the PIX itself.

I realize that I could set this in the virtual adapter in the network connections, but for people like myself that will have more than 1 VPN to connect to, I'd rather not have to physically do it each time.

Any help would be great!


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Mike Wall
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See if the "vpngroup .default-domain " command will do what you want.

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Yup...that worked! Can't believe I missed it... Thanks for the help.


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