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We have a router A with several links to other routers. The router A have two links to the same remote router B, and it is using OSPF through one of the links and BGP through the other link. It is receiving the same route from router B via OSPF and BGP simultaneously.

Is there any way to force the following: use the BGP route in router A to route packets, but use the OSPF route to advertise from router A to other routers via OSPF?

I appreciate any help. Thanks.

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You should never, ever, ever run two different routing protocols between two routers. This will cause very strange and unexpected behavior. You can corrupt the metrics sent by the protocols for routes known by both protocols even if you are not redistributing traffic. If you need the routes on router B learned from BGP on router A, redistribute the routes into OSPF by router A. If both routers really need BGP and OSPF, make one of the protocols passive on the links that they share.

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