Proxy service for Anonymous web use?

Can you recommend a proxy service that allows one to browse with Netscape or IE without ones IP address being distributed? I am running my PC through a Linksys router (BEFSX41) and cable modem .

I have experimented with a trial version of Proxyway ( but each time I run a "privacy test", it returns the ISP cable modem assigned IP address which clearly identifies my node and location.

Prefer something with a trial period so I can validate it is indeed allowing anonymous operation when browsing.

Any thoughts?

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In article , Jrtwine wrote: :Can you recommend a proxy service that allows one to browse with :Netscape or IE without ones IP address being distributed?

Such a thing cannot exist. One's IP address *must* be 'distributed' at least as far as the proxy service.

One then must ask how much one trusts the proxy service operators. If the answer is "Like with any other vendor, I trust that when I pay money for the service that the service will be provided", then unfortunately your trust may be misplaced. It is known that some of the proxy operators are run -directly- by some of the intelligence agencies; known that others are various degrees of clandestine remove from intelligence agencies; and it is strongly suspected that some of the others are run by criminal organizations.

By no means am I saying that *all* proxy services are frauds, but you must be very careful -- and you wouldn't necessarily know.

A couple of other notes:

- Use of anonymous proxy services from corporate hosts is often a violation of the corporate IT regulations;

- You appear to be somewhere in the USA: I suggest you think about the dynamics of anonymous proxy services, intelligence agencies, and The Patriot Act.

I am not well versed in available proxy services, but I would suggest to you that you would find more detailed answers in one of the privacy newsgroups such as alt.privacy or comp.privacy

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Walter Roberson

Try tor

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along with privoxy, I worked quite well when I messed around with it before.

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