pix with multiple site to site vpn connections


I am trying to configure VPN connection between two sites with one pix and two routers. Is it possible that my pix firewall will have two different site to site vpn connections with two routers on different sites? firewall has dynamic IP address and both routers have static ip addresses. Could anybody help me?

pix > router1 v router 2

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Muhammed Imran

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You multi-posted -- posted the same question independantly in two (or more) different newsgroups. I already answered the question in another newsgroup.

Please do not multi-post: if you want the same question to go to different newsgroups, then list all of the target newsgroups on the Newsgroups: line, seperated by commas but with NO spaces. For example,

Newsgroups: comp.dcom.sys.cisco,comp.firewalls

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Walter Roberson

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