for spam control, I need to lockdown our firewall to accept mail only from certain datacenters provided by our ISP. I am not that familiar with pix commands but figured that someone could tell me how to go about this. We are using version 6.0(1)

thanks for any help you can provide


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#configure terminal (conf)#access-list from_outside permit tcp host eq 25 (conf)#access-group from_outside in interface outside

You should update your PIX version asap and find an external service for your pix.

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Lutz Donnerhacke

Heres a good start:

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you may want to upgrade your OS Version as 6.0(1) is long been updated, with newer security features and bug fixes.

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Chad Mahoney

If you are using 515 or above upgrade it ASAP for latest IOS 7.2. it wilgive u a lots of new security feature.

Install ASDM and enjoy with the GUI its easy to configure ACL in GUI.

For CLI: #access-list out_to_in permit tcp host eq

25 #access-group out_to_in in interface outside

rate if help

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A PIX 515 from the 6.0(1) timeframe is unlikely to have enough memory to run PIX 7.2.

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Walter Roberson

But it can be upgraded

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