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I want to know the bandwidth (up/down) of the outside (WAN) interface of the Cisco PIX515E. I had done this with SNMP and the ifInOctets/ ifOutOctets.

But now i want to know the bandwidth of TCP and UDP on this interface. As result i want to get the info for eg the WAN-Interface load is 90% TCP and 10% UDP (But i don't want to sniff all Traffic). Is that possible -> if yes HOW ???

thanks for help and regards Manfred

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Not possible with PIX 6 software. PIX 7 has better SNMP, but I have not checked what it can do.

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Walter Roberson

I highly doubt that this is available on any recent release either - at least in the manner that you are asking. You have to understand the nature of SNMP. In most cases, it is only providing information that you can get from the command line of the device. Bandwidth utilization is not provided by SNMP per se - interface statistics are. Your software that is gathering the statistics is what is calculating the bandwidth based on the delta from each query. As you probably know, the interface just provides bytes (octets) in and out without distinction of what type of traffic it is.

You can check to see if the Pix has some tracking of flows (such as netflow or nbar on the routers) that can be queried. I'm sure that it does track the flow, being a firewall, it is just a matter if it provides this information to you. It may not be exactly what you are looking for, but may provide the solution. You can perhaps do an snmp walk to see what mibs are available.

I love being able to go to a router and type 'show ip cache flow' to see all active flows and the bandwidth used. Not sure if the pix has a similar option.

Hope that helps.


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