pix 5.3(2) dns problem

I am having a problem with allowing mail (pop3) through pix . I have
access-lists allowing pop3,udp and tcp dns. The thing is when I allow all
ip, mail is working. And when I allow only pop3 and dns, it's not. It says
in the log that no translation group is found...
I am little bit confused, am I having a problems because of the older sw
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Ivana Kvaka
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Not sure which direction you are talking about: Is it from your LAN to an Internet POP3 server or are you hosting a POP3 server on your LAN and Internet users need to access it.
Have you tried telnetting to a mail server on port 110 - using the IP address of the mail server rather than its name.
What about SMTP as well?
Nick Ersdown
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Nick Ersdown

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