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Any one can help me please I dont know how to resolv this

ISAKMP: set new node -1704881021 to QM_IDLE CryptoEngine0: generate hmac context for conn id 1 ISAKMP:(0:1:SW:1): processing HASH payload. message ID = -1704881021 ISAKMP:(0:1:SW:1): processing SA payload. message ID = -1704881021 ISAKMP:(0:1:SW:1):Checking IPSec proposal 0 ISAKMP: transform 0, ESP_3DES ISAKMP: attributes in transform: ISAKMP: group is 2 ISAKMP: encaps is 1 ISAKMP: SA life type in seconds ISAKMP: SA life duration (basic) of 28800 ISAKMP: authenticator is HMAC-MD5 CryptoEngine0: validate proposal ISAKMP:(0:1:SW:1):atts are acceptable. CryptoEngine0: validate proposal request ISAKMP:(0:1:SW:1): IPSec policy invalidated proposal ISAKMP:(0:1:SW:1): phase 2 SA policy not acceptable! (local remote



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In article , squall wrote: :Any one can help me please :I dont know how to resolv this

That's odd, snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com posted essentially the same question, but from a different continent.

Try 3DES SHA instead of 3DES MD5.

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Walter Roberson

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