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From the documentation I'm reading it seems that the css only supports plain text ospf keys, while IOS only supports MD5 or nothing at all, ie. "null". Anyone know if this is the case and if there's a solution to using ospf between a css and an ios device?


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Re: IOS plain text OSPF keys:

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ip ospf authentication-key

To assign a password to be used by neighboring routers that are using the OSPF simple password authentication, use the ip ospf authentication-key command in interface configuration mode. To remove a previously assigned OSPF password, use the no form of this command.

ip ospf authentication-key password

no ip ospf authentication-key Syntax Description


Any continuous string of characters that can be entered from the keyboard up to 8 bytes in length.

Usage Guidelines

The password created by this command is used as a "key" that is inserted directly into the OSPF header when the Cisco IOS software originates routing protocol packets. A separate password can be assigned to each network on a per-interface basis. All neighboring routers on the same network must have the same password to be able to exchange OSPF information.

Note The Cisco IOS software will use this key only when authentication is enabled for an area with the area authentication router configuration command. Examples

The following example enables the authentication key with the string yourpass:

ip ospf authentication-key yourpass

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thx that's the solution.

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