order of the actions taken by a router.

Hi all,

I would like to know the order of the actions (matching of the ACLs, NAT (static/dynamic), routing of the packets) taken by a router.

I'd like to know if having both a static source inside translation from (outside) to (inside) and at the same time the loopback interface is the NAT action made instead of forwarding the packets (having as dest IP) to the interface

This way, the rules (ACLs or policy maps or whatever else) specified in the loopback interface will never be applied because the interface will never see that traffic.

Am I correct?



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It I understand you right, you are talking about outside to inside transaltion in your question. If so, the translation happens before the route lookup and so you are right that the packets will not be routed to the loopback interface,

There is a good explanation of the NAT order of operation for both the inside-to-outside and the outisde-to-inside cases at

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Cisco da Gama
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