need two firewalls?

Can someone straighten me out on where I'm going wrong. I'm starting to think I can do this with one firewall instead of two, or at least w/ a cisco, because I had the cheaper kind before this. Then I was using the

2nd firewall as more of a router.

I have two networks, and a I've been trying to put on the inside of one firewall and on the inside of the other firewall. Then I would put the second firewall behind the first. The only reason I tried to do this was because I don't have enough ports on a single firewall. But now I'm starting to wonder since I bought a simple switch. I also thought I couldn't do this because there was only two interfaces on the pix 501 and I thought it was normal to put a network on each interface. I use one (like the as a dmz.

So, can I put my two networks on a single pix? If so, any pointers on how?

I also couldn't seem to get my inbound connections like ssh working because I have a problem w/ the outside interface line in the 'down' mode which I believe means it's not getting an ip from the 501 before it. And I get strange results, it's like they switch interface ip's from the ones I assign. But if I can use one firewall, that would really simplify things.

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configure vlans on the inside interface and trunk it to an internal switch.

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In article , James top-posted (manually fixed)

You can't do that on a PIX 501. The PIX 506/506E is the minimum you need for VLAN support.

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